Ocean Victory New Zealand

OCEAN VICTORY spent 10 weeks in New Zealand and, prior to her departure, the Auckland office organised the stock-up for their next voyage, covering their supplies for approximately three months. Logistically this job is a large one in comparison to the other visiting superyachts that they have looked after for supplies on board; in fact this is the largest private yacht ever to visit New Zealand! 

The one comment we repetitively receive from crew we work with is how much they love the New Zealand produce and the quality of the fish and meat is so fantastic. We can source almost anything in NZ – and if we can’t we will know where to find it. The difference with our yacht agents’ services is we have been crew and we know. It helps that Debbie is a 'foodie' and always on the lookout for new and exciting products to offer chefs. With over 30 suppliers in NZ we work with; OCEAN are delighted to have very successfully managed the provisioning job for OCEAN VICTORY.

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