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Diverse Projects gets behind the NZ Millennium Cup

Diverse Projects in conjunction with partners OCEAN Independence have gotten behind the NZ Millennium Cup 

Diverse Projects is proud to be sponsoring the 2015 New Zealand Millennium Cup through its partnership with OCEAN Independence. The regatta, running from the 21 to 23 January is the South Pacific's premier regatta and provides a focal point for the superyacht industry in the region. 

We're proud to announce that, through its association with us, the Millennium Cup will offer a dedicated onsite agent for the first time.

Our experienced agent, Debbie Gribble, gained her experience as a long-term chief stew before coming ashore to lend her skill and expertise ensuring superyacht guests experience the best of New Zealand and the Pacific. Working as part of our lauded Diverse Projects team, in conjunction with OCEAN Independence, Gribble provides all-encompassing shore support with local knowledge and a global outlook. 

She'll be onsite at the Millennium Cup to answer any queries yachts have, from provisioning, to secret spots to take the guests and oganising a dedicated cultural experience on deck. 

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Diverse Projects acting as owner’s rep on Umbra refit

Diverse Projects team’s virtual shipyard proving popular with yachts as the Auckland company has been chosen to act as owner’s rep on complex Umbra refit. 

Auckland’s Diverse Projects have been chosen to act as owner’s rep during the refit of 51m Umbra, at Whangarei’s Oceania Marine. 

The refit, which is underway now and expected to take three months, will include fitting a removable helicopter deck and the structure to support it, while adding two meters to the stern, undertaking a full exterior repaint in the owner’s colours as well as a full vessel survey.

Umbra, a Damen Sea Axe design, is a highly-engineered vessel created to cut through water at speed while maintaining excellent seakeeping abilities. The Diverse team will focus on ensuring Umbra’s seaworthiness and speed remain, after the extensive adjustments to her structure.

To do this, Diverse is employing its virtual shipyard approach. The approach uses a process-based software developed in-house to deliver a project which can be mapped by the owner, or their team, in very fine detail as the refit progresses. By breaking down each task within the refit to its individual components, the Diverse team have created a system which flags any potential road blocks, or budget overruns, long before they arrive, delivering a quick, efficient refit process.

It’s the only system in the world to take an overarching view of the refit process, while simultaneously breaking each component of the refit into its micro-components, and it gives the refit and management team unprecedented ability to visualise the end result and through that visualisation, avoid any potential stumbling blocks in the refit’s progress before they arise. 

“By being able to monitor and track each task live in every aspect, including costing and invoicing, we can easily spot where a potential problem might arise, plus it’s all captured within that task forever. This information can also be invaluable for when the yacht does its next refit down the line,” says Lars Bjorklund, Diverse Projects project manager.  

“The fact  alone that we can process all the purchase orders, invoices and even more importantly, the change orders online live, saves us an enormous amount of time - on all sides,” says John Vitali, Diverse Projects project manager. 

The Diverse Projects team are looking forward to completing Umbra within the three month time frame set aside for her refit, and returning the yacht to her busy cruising schedule in the Pacific.

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